Centre for Innovative Justice: Innovative justice responses to sexual offending – pathways to better outcomes for victims, offenders and the community:

"Sexual assault is complex, pervasive and insidious. The criminal justice system is expected to deliver a sense that justice has been done, yet its current response is inadequate for the large
majority of sexual assault victims.
Victims of sexual assault have historically been met with denial and disbelief, with society failing to develop an adequate response to a crime it did not fully recognize or understand, and to
rendered assumptions it refused to relinquish. In recent decades, hard won improvements – called for by reformers and feminists, and implemented by well-intentioned governments –
have seen sexual assault taken more seriously in legal and political arenas alike. Investigation, prosecution and court procedures have improved; specialisation has been encouraged; and victims have been provided with fairer treatment and additional support services."….

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